Mission Statement:

Our mission is to complete the job you have asked us to do with the least amount of disruption to you and with the spirit of good old fashioned service and support.

We aim to be as environmentally aware as possible and promote only products that we ourselves would be happy to use.

Our clients are important to us and we listen to their needs.

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Sagging ceilings can be caused by blow-in insulation absorbing moisture over time. The weight of this can cause ceilings to cave in. J & J Robertson Insulation and Dust Removalists check your ceilings and remove the insulation.

The industrial vacuum machine removes cellulose blow-in insulation and dust. We can arrange strapping and plastering of ceilings as well.

We offer a great vacuum service which thoroughly cleans your roof space of potentially harmful dust and debris.

A free measure and quote is given on site. This is insisted upon because your house plans can vary from the actual area of batts required (due to roof trusses, etc.).

Down light covers can be installed also.

Over a decade of experience in this industry means we observe all WHS procedures. We look after your property and complete the job with attention to detail. We will let you know if there appears to be any problems in the ceiling cavity such as insulation batts covering down lights or exposed electrical wires.

All residual debris from the job is removed from the site and tiles/roof sheets put back into place. Waste from dust removal or blow-in removal is contained in an industrial bin and removed.

We recommend polyester or wool batts for the best thermal insulation and least allergenic products available. Feel free to have a look at the links to suppliers of polyester and wool batts:


BeforeDusty ceiling


Cleaned ceiling


This downlight has burned the insulation around it - a mistake fixed by J & J.